Solution Brief

Security Awareness Training: Customization Center

Proofpoint Security Awareness Training helps you deliver the right training to the right people at the right time. It turns your end-users into a strong last line of defense to identify cyber-attacks and protect your organization. Customization Center is part of the Proofpoint Security Education Platform. It enables your administrators to edit your Interactive Training to match defined policies and make it more relevant to your organization. The closer the content adheres to your company’s security policies, guidelines, and roles, the more effective the training will be for your end-users.

Key benefits:

  • Maximize flexibility in personalizing content with self-service customization

  • Leverage our industry-first Learning Science Evaluator, which provides guidance on the personalized content to ensure it adheres to Learning Science Principles and continues to change behavior

  • Manipulate most visible text, including quiz questions and text across all supported locales to personalize the content for your organization

  • Create your own role-based training for individual functions, departments, or regions to ensure they are relevant to those specific users or groups

  • Ensure your training content remains consistent for multinational audiences with managed languages

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