5 Ways Proofpoint’s Wombat Security Acquisition Will Help Cybersecurity Teams Increase Awareness

We are pleased to announce Proofpoint has completed its Wombat Security Technologies, Inc. acquisition—marking a new day in the security and phishing awareness as well as phishing simulation space. Our industry-first integrated solution (available in the first half of this year) will become part of our award-winning Proofpoint advanced email solution suite to deliver the first truly end-to-end solution to combat phishing, spanning prevention, defense, and automated response.

The vast majority of today’s threats target people, not infrastructure, and this trend continues to intensify in the threat landscape. It’s never been more critical for organizations to improve their people-centric defenses, so we are thrilled to provide Proofpoint/Wombat’s global customer bases and partners with a unique blend of market-leading advanced threat protection capabilities and phishing simulation cybersecurity awareness and training capabilities.

The combination of Proofpoint and Wombat technologies will provide security teams with:

  • Phishing simulations built with the real threats that are targeting specific end users, not just generic templates
  • Correlation with threat intelligence to identify whether emails reported by end users are real attacks
  • Automated email quarantine and user account resets to limit risk from reported phishing attempts and save hours of IT and security productivity
  • Immediate user training in the moment after they click on an attack to positively influence end user behavior

To further boost visibility, user-reported phishing threat data from Wombat’s PhishAlarm will amplify our cloud-based graph database, Proofpoint’s Nexus, to include data on phishing campaigns as seen by non-Proofpoint customers. Proofpoint Nexus blends the industry’s best security research, technology, and threat data to our global customer base at every stage of the attack lifecycle. By extracting and correlating intelligence across email, social media, mobile, and cloud applications, we learn from each new attack to stay ahead f today’s evolving threats.

As part of today’s acquisition, we are also pleased to welcome Wombat’s 200 exceptional employees to the Proofpoint team. Be sure to check back as we announce the availability of our integrated solution in the coming months.


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