Taking Control of Spam and Bulk Mail Classification with Deployment in Less Than Two Hours

HEB Grocery Store, LP (H-E-B) employed Office 365 Enterprise as a hybrid solution for collaboration and productivity to support employees in multiple states in diverse functions. Yet, ensuring granular control over spam and bulk mail classification within Office 365 proved to be challenging.

H-E-B is a privately held supermarket chain based in San Antonio, Texas, with more than 350 stores through Texas and northern Mexico in five different retail markets. H-E-B also operates manufacturing facilities in Texas, including one of the largest milk and bread processing plants in the Southwest.

Given the chain’s adoption of a hybrid architecture with some mailboxes in Office 365 and others in legacy on-premise Microsoft Exchange environments, H-E-B’s end users had a difficult time with message delivery and releasing quarantined messages that had been misclassified. In addition, Office 365 provided limited visibility and defense of the sophisticated, targeted attacks H-E-B faced on an ongoing basis.

See What's Been Missing
H-E-B evaluated email security solutions that overlaid seamlessly on Office 365. The chain wanted to eliminate false positive message classification that led to the loss of legitimate email, prevent unwanted spam and bulk email, reduce the impact to the chain’s IT support in ticket volumes and improve email security in the cloud to protect against advanced threats.

H-E-B’s choice of Proofpoint Security and Compliance Suite for Office 365, which includes Proofpoint Email Protection, addressed the chain’s needs in very little time. “Our Proofpoint deployment took an hour and a half. The customer support team is fantastic, and we’re able to get a hold of them quickly, ensuring rapid response to challenges as they arise,” said Bill McCormick, H-E-B systems architect.  

According to McCormick, “The move to Proofpoint made us realize how many emails weren’t being delivered—and Proofpoint Email Protection gave us valuable control and insight into message delivery. All of a sudden, tracing the origin and delivery of a message across a complicated systems architecture took seconds rather than 24 hours or more.”

Benefit From an Email Gateway that Focuses on Security
The Proofpoint Security and Compliance Suite also provided the supermarket chain with advanced threat protection by way of virtual sandboxing and predictive defense for incoming URLs and attachments before they reach the user environment. Proofpoint’s Targeted Attack Protection (TAP), included in the suite, uses a full lifecycle approach, monitoring suspicious messages containing URLs or attachments and leveraging advanced techniques and heuristics to identify anomalies and ensure detonation of malicious payloads.

TAP uses big data analytics in the Proofpoint cloud architecture to add layers of security missed by traditional signature- and reputation-based tools. “We love TAP. It’s a great benefit. With Office 365, we knew targeted attacks were happening. We just didn’t have the visibility,” said Thomas Ahl, H-E-B head of solutions delivery. “It’s nice to finally have an email gateway that’s actually focused on security.”