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January 22, 2015

Bishop Technologies increase their product portfolio with Proofpoint Essentials, as well as continuing to effectively service their larger enterprise customers, Bishop Technologies can now additionally cater for the specific needs of their SME customers, with a 100% cloud-based Email Security service, purpose built for smaller businesses.

Bishop Technologies, Inc. delivers and supports customized solutions for data migration, information security, and pervasive information governance to large enterprises, government agencies, and SMEs. They enable organizations to protect the value – and mitigate the risk – of the information contained in their Microsoft-based communications and collaboration infrastructure, both on-premise and in the cloud.

With their previous service portfolio, Bishop Technologies were able to fully satisfy the needs of their larger customers. However, they did not have an email security solution that catered for the bespoke requirements of their SME clients and as such were missing out on potential new customers and business growth.

Introduce the Proofpoint Essentials product to their service offerings. Proofpoint Essentials is an email security solution built specifically for SMEs. With Proofpoint Essentials, partners such as Bishop can offer the renowned Proofpoint standard of security excellence and support, through a product designed for smaller enterprises.


  • Deploying and selling the Proofpoint Essentials service to their SME customers has been a hugely successful move for Bishop Technologies and has enabled the team to automatically grow their target market size and improve business growth opportunities
  • The Bishop team is self-sufficient in managing and deploying the solution thanks to the easy to use interface, easy provisioning options and mutli-tier management capabilities.
  • Adding the Proofpoint Essentials solution to their product portfolio has presented an increased opportunity for Bishop Technologies to switch more customers from on-premise to the cloud.

The Story
Put simply, Bishop did not have an Email Security solution that catered for the specific requirements of their SMB customers. So, rather than let business slip through their fingers, the enterprising team at Bishop decided to look for an option that would enable them to efficiently support both customer types.

Bishop has a customer base ranging from large enterprises with tens of thousands of employees to businesses with only a couple of dozen, so they had a real requirement for a solution that caters for enterprises of every size. Having found success delivering the array of  Proofpoint Enterprise offerings already available to them, including TAP, archiving, protection and privacy, Bishop were able to ensure their larger customers were receiving all the services and support they required. However their SME customers did not have access to these solutions as they were beyond the needs and scalability of the smaller enterprise.

So, when Proofpoint launched their new solution for smaller enterprises, needless to say Bishop Technologies was thrilled. The Proofpoint Essentials service met all the practical and commercial needs of their SME clients as well as providing enterprise class security and continuity. So the team began carefully to assess the new offering to see if what seemed like the perfect fit for their business actually was and sure enough not long afterwards a new, exciting partnership was established.

Why did Bishop Technologies choose Proofpoint Essentials to look after their SMB clients’ needs?
“We at Bishop carefully assess potential vendors on two criteria:  Compelling technology and trustworthy people.”  Dan Langille, Director of Business Development, Bishop Technologies

As they were familiar with the wider Proofpoint services the Bishop team already liked the straightforward and honest way that Proofpoint did business so were keen to evaluate this latest product offering for themselves. Having heard that Proofpoint Essentials had a “sterling reputation for ease of use and robustness” the technical whizzes at Bishop arranged for a full product demo, thoroughly inspecting the overall offering, the feature set, the technology, usability and compatibility. Following a trial period to really get a feel for the service and road-test it for themselves, the team came to the unanimous decision that Proofpoint Essentials was the solution they needed to service their SME customers. By working with a dedicated channel account manager to get everything set up, help answer any questions and launch initial staff training on the product, Bishop Technologies were confident that the team behind Proofpoint Essentials were “as solid and reliable as the software itself.” In May 2013, Bishop Technologies launched Proofpoint Essentials and now proudly sell the full suite of service packages to their SME clients; beginner, business and professional. Now, regardless of the customer size, requirements or budget, Bishop Technologies are confident that they have the email security options to match any business’s needs.

What did the Bishop team love most about Proofpoint Essentials?

100% Cloud Technology: According to Bishop, 100% cloud-based architecture makes for very efficient deployment, management, and support.  Dan Langille, the head of business development at Bishop Technologies, has described the Proofpoint Essentials story as an easy one to tell because “the vast majority of Bishop’s clients and prospects are moving from on-premise to the cloud.”

Easy to Use Interface: The team at Bishop have found the solution easy to deploy and manage and found the administrative console clean and intuitive.  Their engineers were able to become self-sufficient with minimal guidance from the Proofpoint Essentials support team and be up and running in minutes with on-going training options as and when they need them.

The Team: Bishop has found the Proofpoint Essentials team to be responsive, supportive, and extremely knowledgeable, not only with regard to their needs but additionally and importantly they are considerate and reactive to the needs of their clients. 

The Packages: Bishop is pleased with Proofpoint Essentials’ tiered services, describing them as well-packaged for specific client’s requirements and well-priced for easy sale.  Further, the additional capabilities in each successive package will allow for upsell opportunities as Bishop’s clients’ needs evolve.

“We love the fact that Proofpoint Essentials is 100% cloud-based.”  Dan Langille, Director of Business Development, Bishop Technologies

Switching Customers to the Cloud
Proofpoint Essentials provides Bishop’s SME sales team with “an easy-to-sell, simple-to-deploy, and robust solution,” that complements their existing core competencies in Information Security and Information Governance. As such, this has provided Bishop Technologies with an opportunity to offer their Data Migration competency clients, the option to migrate from legacy on-premise systems to the cloud.

“[Proofpoint Essentials] provides a logical cross-sale opportunity to our Data Migration competency clients, where we are migrating hoards of companies from legacy on-premise systems to the cloud.” Dan Langille, Director of Business Development, Bishop Technologies

Bishop Technologies is now able to cater for their entire customer base with Proofpoint offerings. Proofpoint Essentials allows them to easily move their SME customers onto a 100% cloud based email security solution specifically designed for the needs of the smaller enterprise. 

About Bishop Technologies
Delivers and supports customized solutions for data migration, information security, and pervasive information governance to large enterprises, government agencies, and SMBs. Founded in 2002. HQ in Elgin, IL, USA