It’s not easy for any company to balance seamless IT service with a good employee experience and strong corporate security. For one growing biotechnology giant, it was an especially tricky challenge.

The company has employees, operations and partnerships around the world. As it grew, securing the enterprise—without slowing down its users—became more critical. It chose to protect its people and assets from cyber threats with Proofpoint.


  • Protect corporate IP, trade secrets and other sensitive data
  • Prevent cyberthreats from entering the company via employees’ personal webmail and internet browsing
  • Maintain compliance with dozens of global privacy regulations


  • Proofpoint Targeted Attack Protection (TAP) Isolation Personal Webmail Defense


  • Users were happier and more productive because they could use the internet freely
  • Threats are stopped before reaching the company’s network
  • Employees’ personal webmail stays private
  • IT can monitor activity and collect without violating workers’ privacy
  • Global compliance is streamlined

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