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Trending Threat: Phishing Campaign Delivers Dangerous Trojan

Recently, we’ve noticed a rising number of emails with attachments or links that contain the Emotet trojan. Emails with Emotet have been distributed on a near-daily basis and in high volume: Sometimes more than 1 million messages are sent in a single day. Emotet is especially dangerous now because it has evolved from a traditional banking trojan designed to steal online banking and payment credentials into a more malicious and widespread threat. 


Emotet is particularly attractive to attackers because it’s easy to deliver, hard to detect, and spreads rapidly. In addition to the traditional dangers of Emotet (stealing banking credentials and installing additional malicious applications), this new version can:   

  • Capture every credential on an infected machine, including those stored in a browser  

  • Steal available emails from an infected machine  

What Can I Do?

Our Attack Spotlight profile quickly shows users how to identify these types of malicious emails. Send this profile to your users so that they can learn how to avoid being tricked into downloading Emotet. 

We've also provided a sample message and the link you can copy and paste into an email for your users.