Securing Your Email - Fundamental Series

Our innovative Securing Your Email – Fundamental anti-phishing series gives you access to brief but actionable video and interactive training that targets specific risks to email users, enabling them to identify key indicators, avoid dangerous emails, and protect organizational data.

This series includes the following mobile-responsive mini-modules:

  • Introduction to Phishing and Video: Introduction to Phishing – Provides a brief but instructive look at the best practices related to identifying and handling suspicious emails.
  • Avoiding Dangerous Links – Gives users practical guidance on how to find out a URL’s actual destination and examines common visual cues that can help users determine whether a website is legitimate or dangerous.
  • Avoiding Dangerous Attachments – Helps users understand why they should treat any email attachment with a healthy suspicion, and how to handle these types of messages.
  • Data Entry Phishing and Video: Data Entry Phishing  Explains the dangers associated with malicious data entry forms and helps users understand why they should be wary of any email that includes a request for credentials or other sensitive information.


Avoiding Dangerous Attachments Module