Business Ethics

The Company is fully dedicated to conducting ourselves by the letter and in the spirit of the many laws and standards that apply to our business. Acting with honesty and integrity is a core cultural tenet at Proofpoint and we believe that conducting our business legally and ethically is foundational to our identity. The Company regularly re-enforces our commitment to ethics and integrity in employee communications from the CEO and other executive leaders, in our everyday actions and in processes and controls. As a part of our on-going efforts to ensure our employees conduct business with the highest levels of ethics and integrity, the Company mandates annual compliance training programs, provided in multiple languages for our global workforce. The Company encourages individuals to help it identify and raise ethical issues and concerns free of retaliation and to that end provides multiple means for individuals to report to the Board, management, the Company’s chief compliance officer, or to legal or human resources personnel. In cases where any individual would feel more comfortable making a report anonymously, this is enabled via an online and telephonic ethics related hotline service.