Inclusion and Diversity

We embrace and foster the diversity of our team members, customers, stakeholders and consumers. Everyone is valued and appreciated for their unique backgrounds, experiences, thoughts and talents, all of which contributes to the growth and sustainability of our business. We strive to cultivate a culture and vision that supports and enhances the Company’s ability to recruit, develop and retain diverse talent at every level. As a global and distributed workforce, we recognize and celebrate our team members, their varied backgrounds and cultures. Our career development opportunities are designed to foster inclusivity through ongoing career conversations that actively advance and develop people of all backgrounds.

We believe that diversity, inclusion, and opportunity is a journey and we are committed to building a diverse and inclusive company and society for our employees, customers, partners, and shareholders. In order to create a more diverse and inclusive work environment, we provide education, training and tools so that all employees can become aware of bias, how it exists and how to mitigate it. As we continue to shape our work environment and world-class organization to be more inclusive and inviting, we are actively striving to build an extensive pipeline of talent through various programs. Our internal programs enable and empower our hiring managers to identify alternative and emerging talent pools and to create an inclusive candidate experience.