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November 03, 2016

Ransomware: Should Banks Prepare to Pay or Be Ready to Refuse?

American Banker discusses how banks should handle ransomware attacks and mentions Proofpoint’s research on financial hacks in 2016. 

October 28, 2016

Internet of Things Complicates Security: CEO

Proofpoint CEO Gary Steele appears on CNBC’s international TV segment Street Signs where he discusses the future of IoT security. Gary Steele is quoted.

October 04, 2016

Proofpoint CEO: Keeping Information Safe | Mad Money | CNBC

CNBC Mad Money’s Jim Cramer interviews Proofpoint CEO Gary Steele on the cybersecurity landscape and the threats facing companies today including email spoofing, social media fraud and data breaches.

September 15, 2016

Microsoft Shuts Dow Zero Day Used in AdGholas Malvertising Campaigns

Threatpost covers Proofpoint’s discovery of a zero-day vulnerability that affected both Internet Explorer and Edge in a massive malvertising campaign.

September 06, 2016

One In Five Brand Profiles Is Fake

MediaPost features Proofpoint’s Social Media Brand Fraud Report revealing that social media threats are on the rise for most brands.

September 06, 2016

PayPal Scammers Take To Twitter

PYMNTS covers Proofpoint’s discovery of an angler phishing scam targeting PayPal users.

September 06, 2016

Executive Edge: Three biggest cyber threats

CNBC’s Squawk Box interviews Proofpoint CEO Gary Steele on the threat landscape and how organizations can stay protected across email, mobile and social media channels.

July 12, 2016

Pokemon Go could give hackers access to all your data

Daily Mercury informed its readers about Proofpoint's discovery of a potentially malicious Android Pokemon Go APK.

July 10, 2016

Hackers Are Spreading Malware Through Pokémon GO

Fortune details Proofpoint’s discovery of an infected version of the Pokémon Go mobile game. It includes a remote access tool, called Droidjack, which gives attackers full control over a victim’s phone.

July 09, 2016

A Malicious 'Pokémon GO' App Is Installing Backdoors on Android Devices

Motherboard covers Proofpoint’s discovery of an infected Android version of the Pokémon Go mobile game.