Nexus Threat Graph

Multi-Vector Community Threat Intelligence

Get unmatched protection with threat intelligence that combines trillions of real-time data points across multiple threat vectors around the world, advanced AI and machine learning, and a global research team that keeps you ahead of today’s biggest cyber threats.

Our unmatched insight includes:


daily emails analyzed


daily URLs analyzed


daily attachments analyzed


cloud accounts monitored


cloud application cataloged


worldwide IDS sensors


daily unique malware samples discovered


domains monitored daily


social media accounts monitored


threat actors tracked

NexusAI-Powered Analysis and Detection

As threats evolve, you need a solution that can identify and adapt to new threat trends at scale.

From our inception as a company, we’ve used AI and machine learning to provide complete and ever-improving protection. The NexusAI engine continuously analyzes trillions of datapoints and adjusts threat models to address changing attacker tactics.

We apply computer vision, natural language processing (NLP), behavior analytics and more to:

  • Analyze multiple message attributes, including message bodies, to identify impostor messages
  • Identify URLs and web pages used in phishing campaigns
  • Detect anomalous user activity in cloud accounts

Global Research Community

Our global team of threat researchers combined with our massive data set and NexusAI gives you complete security and visibility.

And as more organizations join our security community, they add and contribute to the Nexus Threat Graph. This network effect benefits every customer, making their defenses smarter and more effective.

Our global team of threat researchers helps you understand every threat you see, including:

  • Command-and-control activity
  • Unexpected content behavior
  • Unsafe URLs and attachments
  • Evasion techniques
  • Network layer detection

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