Managed Information Protection

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Let us help you maximize the return on your information protection products. Our skilled team can accelerate the time to value of your technology investment. Use our expertise to optimize the capabilities of your email DLP, endpoint DLP, CASB, and ITM systems.


Rely on our experts to execute and evolve your information protection program

Proactive Expertise

Protect your IP and regulated data

In today’s landscape, data is currency. And protecting your organization’s data is paramount.

We provide you with expert advice on protecting commonly held types of data. This includes personally identifiable information (PII), protected health information (PHI) and financial account numbers. We also understand the complex strategies for safeguarding data unique to individual organizations, like trade secrets and other intellectual property (IP).

Our team has deep knowledge of exfiltration tactics used by threat actors and malicious insiders. And we know how negligent employees circumvent security systems and put data at risk. You get:

  • Expert configuration of your tools to minimize the noise
  • Proactive tuning and application of best practices to address emerging exfiltration tactics and regulatory requirements
  • Implementation of filters to block the unauthorized release of data
  • Consistent monitoring and analysis to identify and escalate actionable alerts based on your program goals
  • Regular consultation with your internal team to ensure we align with your organization’s data protection strategy
  • Guidance on evolving and maturing your information protection program to achieve maximum value from your technologies

Staff Continuity

Protect your data with expert-driven continuous operations

To effectively manage data protection, your information security team needs specialized skills, consistent documentation and specific knowledge of your organization’s data landscape. And continuity is critical. Are you confident your information protection program can withstand a sudden change in staffing?

With staff attrition and absences due to vacation or personal reasons, your efforts to protect your data can be significantly impacted. And staff augmentation services are not enough. You need self-directed, knowledgeable information security professionals who know your data—and how to respond exfiltration attempts.

Proofpoint Managed Information Protection gives you access to a team of experts who protect your organization from data exfiltration attempts. They also ensure program continuity without dependency on a single linchpin. We manage your information protection program effectively and reduce your challenges in finding and retaining skilled talent. You get:

  • Consistent access to our skilled professionals, regardless of what’s happening with your staff
  • Daily operational checks and a regular cadence of meetings and program health checks with your internal team
  • 9x5 service delivery model
  • Budget stability via our simple and cost-effective annual fixed-fee model

Executive Insights

Track program maturity and share proof of value with stakeholders

Proofpoint information security products provide you with exceptional data protection when configured for your specific needs. Our team enables you to clearly show product value and efficacy. And we provide you with proof through our enhanced reporting and trending. You also get written explanations of your products’ relationship to regulatory and security mandates.

We help you document the trajectory of your program and demonstrate value to your board, executive team and other stakeholders. You get:

  • Regular checkpoint calls and monthly operational reports that are board-ready, with easy-to-understand, quantifiable data
  • Strategic and tactical documentation of data activity in your environment
  • Visibility into your data at rest, in motion, and in use
  • Evaluation of the current state of your program in relation to your program goals

Optimize performance of multiple information protection technologies

Our Managed Information Protection are available individually or bundled to optimize the performance of your Proofpoint products. These include:

  • Proofpoint Enterprise Data Loss Prevention (DLP)
  • Proofpoint Email DLP
  • Proofpoint Endpoint DLP
  • Proofpoint Cloud Access Security Broker (CASB)
  • Proofpoint Insider Threat Management (ITM)

Our experts can also manage information protection for several third-party products, including:

  • Microsoft DLP and CASB
  • Broadcom/Symantec DLP and CASB
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Don’t have a data protection program?

Our Professional Services team can help you with program design tailored to your data and needs.