Digital Risk Protection: Social Profile Manager

Meet compliance with automated social media profile supervision.


Regulations for static content also extend to your firm’s financial advisors, which requires that you regularly review and approve advisors’ social profiles. You must also provide documentation that tracks these reviews.

Proofpoint Social Profile Manager makes it simple for organizations to meet these requirements with a comprehensive, automated monitoring process of your designated social media profiles.

Features and Benefits

Automated Profile Management

Social Profile Manager reduces the time and resource burden of manually auditing your advisors' profiles. You decide which profiles need to be managed and how often. We take it from there. Your social media compliance team receives alerts when a social profile is due for periodic inspection. We also send automated communication to your advisors with the details of their social profile review.


Professional Leveraging Disclaimer and Disclosure Management

Disclaimer and Disclosure Management

Social Profile Manager makes it easy to ensure advisor profiles include your corporate disclosure and disclaimer. Simply draft the copy and Social Profile Manager will automatically append it to your managed profiles.

Flexible Review Options

Social Profile Manager provides the flexibility to choose if you want to review changes before or after they go live. The solution highlights profile changes so you can immediately see what requires your attention. And you have flexible review options, including:

  • Approve all sections with a single click
  • Approve specific sections and reject others
  • Make edits directly
  • Reject changes and automatically revert the social profile to its previous version
  • Forward to a second-level reviewer

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