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Enterprise Collaboration Archiving

Integrate social media and collaborative content into your existing information archive


The growing use of emerging communication channels in business today is undeniable. Organizations are using social media and collaboration tools to improve internal collaboration, resolve customer problems and more. These tools are fast, ubiquitous and can yield measurably positive impact to your enterprise. Despite this, they can also pose significant compliance and legal risks. Regulatory requirements to govern the use of social media are evolving quickly, and improper use can lead to damaged brands, regulatory fines, and harsh e-discovery consequences.

Enterprise Collaboration Archiving allows you to employ policy-based controls to capture social media and enterprise collaboration content so that it can be managed as any other critical information asset. It can also capture and archive all social and enterprise collaboration conversational content. This ensures you remain compliant with your regulatory obligations.

Features and Benefits

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Social Media Compliance...Simplified

Enterprise Collaboration Archiving provides you with an advanced feature set that helps to automate and streamline critical social media compliance and capture tasks. These include mapping to user-specific destinations and capturing content for only a subset of users.

Modular Architecture for Flexibility

We offer extensibility with channel-specific modules, and the flexibility to deliver social media and enterprise collaboration content for retention. Enterprise Collaboration Archiving can also seamlessly integrate this content into many leading archiving solutions, including Proofpoint Enterprise Archive.

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