Business Intelligence Reporting

Fast, responsive reporting for your security awareness training program.

Measure and Analyze End-User Risk

Get the granular and high-level visibility you need into your end users’ interactions with assessments, simulated attacks, and training assignments. We offer responsive, easy-to-read business intelligence reporting with a modern UI, providing more than just completion data so that you can evaluate progress, gauge ROI, and benchmark, track, and trend user knowledge. 

Our training metrics dashboard and reporting tools deliver business intelligence on end-user risk, so you can focus on the areas, topics, and best practices that will benefit you most, improving decision-making across all levels of your organization. These insights and our training metrics dashboard will help administrators to deliver the right training to the right people at the right time—driving measurable results without wasting time.

Proofpoint IT Business Intelligence Reporting - Wirkungsvoll IT Security Schutzziele festlegen und erreichen
Leistungsstarke Proofpoint Business Intelligence für eine bessere Cybersecurity

Powerful Business Intelligence Reporting

Our updated business intelligence reporting engine runs in memory for increased speed and flexibility, with features like advanced filtering (using custom properties) and customized tables that make it easy to compare assessments, quickly add and remove measures, and more. 

You can also download and export data to share business intelligence with other stakeholders, perform more detailed analysis, and evaluate metrics alongside other security events. Our Automated Reporting feature streamlines the export process, allowing you to schedule automatic delivery of security awareness reports at regular intervals to yourself and designated stakeholders within your organization.

Key Reporting Features

Report Scheduler 

Schedule automatic delivery of reports at regular intervals to yourself, your managers, and your designated stakeholders.

Custom Properties

Create custom fields, such as department, region or country. And then use them to search and filter reports.

Results API

Use our REST API to access training, phishing, knowledge assessment, users, and email reporting information that can be integrated in common BI tools or LMS.


Industry-leading reporting engine runs in memory, for fast, responsive operations like sorting and filtering.


Standard and custom columns can be placed on all report tables, then resized, reordered, and sorted with a click.

Actionable Training Metrics

Access detailed, actionable metrics for training assignments, far beyond simple completion tracking.

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Right from the start Wombat’s team was with us the entire implementation. We were in constant contact for all of the steps needed in order to complete the implementation. We make use of the managed services which is great due to our lack of resources. We love the reporting and I make use of it every month.
Director of Information Security and Compliance
Wombat’s support for multiple languages is particularly useful for our multicultural company, and we appreciate that the extensive reporting functionalities allow us to track our efforts and communicate metrics to our stakeholders.
Roberto Huber