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Train employees to recognize and avoid security risks—without wasting their time

Effective Cybersecurity Training for Employees, Without Waste

Turn your employees into a strong last line of defense against today’s cyber attacks with our research-based security awareness training. Our people-centric cybersecurity training for employees is personalized to individuals’ needs, efficient for end users to complete, and—above all—effective at changing behaviors and reducing risk at every level of your organization.

Our curated, actionable content draws on proven Learning Science Principles, using a unique Continuous Training Methodology. Users get hands-on practice at recognizing and avoiding a wide range of security risks with our constantly growing library of education content. Our interactive training modules, videos, posters, images, and articles are designed to drive security awareness and make cybersecurity an ongoing topic of conversation with your end users.

Computergestützte Security-Awareness-Module und IT-Sicherheitstraining für Mitarbeiter
Cyber Security Trainings für Mitarbeiter

Engaging, Updated Content

We continuously update our content to reflect evolving best practices and current attack trends. These are identified through Proofpoint threat intelligence. Our video, game-based and interactive training modules, along with our security awareness materials, are available in 35+ languages. And they offer consistent, actionable messaging that is suitable for global organizations.

Our training modules for employees are available on demand and mobile-responsive, so your users can take our training anytime, anywhere, on any connected device. This maximizes efficiency and convenience. And each module averages just 5 to 15 minutes, minimizing disruption to daily work routines. What’s more, these training modules and security awareness materials can be customized in a variety of ways.

Featured Security Awareness Training

Content available translated and localized in up to 35+ languages. View more information here.

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Key Content Features of Our Cybersecurity Training for Employees

Interactive Training

Users set their own pace, and must demonstrate proficiency on lesson challenges before progressing.


Users can take training on-demand on any connected device, maximizing efficiency and convenience.


Our interactive and game-based training modules conform to the US Section 508 standard and the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) 2.0 AA standard.

Customization Center

Tailor cybersecurity training modules to your organization's needs at no additional charge, using self-service customization.


Consistent visuals and content across modules, posters, and other materials reinforce best practices.


Automatically assign highly relevant training to your most susceptible users.

There have been over 400,000 successful completions of Safer Web Browsing, Password Security, Email Security, and Mobile Device Security training modules. Over 32,000 users completed the Mobile Device Security training module in 2 weeks. This is amazing for non-mandatory training, we have now justified the cost of training with just those 4 modules! We are very happy with our investment.
Security Awareness and Training Director
A number of employees said they repeated the exercises with a family member because they found it to be new and useful information. You can’t get better than that from security training.
Director of Operations
I love the awareness materials portal. We have a few of the posters up around HDQ.
Security Officer