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Traditional security and compliance products are designed to protect and govern information residing on the corporate network. But in the modern enterprise, your people, data and applications can be anywhere. And most social media security threats never traverse a corporate perimeter. That’s why today’s defenses must work everywhere. Our cloud-based mobile and social solutions help you combat advanced threats and comply with data-retention regulations to protect your people, data, and brand.

Social Media Protection and Compliance for the Enterprise

You invest a lot to engage your brand in social media, but malicious content constantly undermines your efforts. Profanity, hate, bullying, and pornography undermine your efforts to create a safe community. Attackers use social spam to post malware links; even well-intentioned employees sometimes accidentally post inappropriate content that can have serious consequences.

Proofpoint Social Media Protection and Compliance solutions helps you protect your growing programs, prevent brand embarrassment, and avoid costly compliance violations and audits.

Our patent-pending, cloud-based solution allows organizations to discover, audit, and protect accounts on the social web without hiring an army of people to manually moderate content. A central security operations console aggregates internal and external social media accounts and manages content automatically in real time through API-level integration with all of the major social networks.

Our security solutions help address the challenges of brand protection and compliance risks by helping you:

  • Efficiently find, categorize, and track your company’s accounts across all social networks
  • Enforce policies that automatically detect, notify, and remediate threats to your accounts, including account hacks and tampering
  • Get advanced reporting for your social infrastructure, view trends and account risks, and use an array of built-in reports for auditors, security and compliance
  • Deploy in less than an hour with no need to deal with the hassles of managing servers, appliances, proxies, or clients
  • Prevent social account sprawl by automatically discovering branded social media accounts and enable controls that instantly deliver value
  • Remove abusive, exploitative and offensive content across social media accounts
  • Ensure regulatory compliance and corporate governance standards for social media by your industry type, including: FINRA, LIMRA, FDA, HIPAA, FTC, FCC

Video: Automate Your Social Media Compliance Auditing

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Mobile Apps Protection against Security Threats and Loss of Sensitive Data

Mobile devices have helped modern enterprises become more productive and flexible, but they also bring new security risks. 

Cyber criminals, attackers, and hostile governments can now target users anywhere, using mobile devices and entry points to corporate networks. Android and iOS apps pose significant mobile security risks to enterprises. Some apps may legitimately access proprietary data and contact information. But others can also expose that information in ways that may be exploited for cyber attacks.

With Proofpoint TAP Mobile Defense, IT administrators can detect and control apps with risky behaviors that may lead to advanced persistent threats (APTs), spear phishing attacks on employees, and other information security risks.

Proofpoint TAP Mobile Defense offers:

  • App intelligence and defense in BYOD environments
  • Enterprise-level controls with dashboard views of app risk throughout the enterprise
  • Automated workflows that integrate with the leading enterprise mobility management platforms, including AirWatch and MobileIron.
  • Comprehensive, correlated threat intelligence across multiple data sources.
  • An adaptive engine to assess mobile app risk within app stores—sanctioned and unsanctioned—and the ability to detect side loading and suspicious enterprise-signed apps
  • Three levels of privacy controls to keep employee apps and content secure

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