Cybersecurity Leadership Certification

Proofpoint Certified DLP Specialist

Course 1

Data Loss Prevention 101

Alongside widespread adoption of work-from-anywhere and cloud computing, data breaches are increasing in frequency. This makes data security a major concern. With data expected to grow at 23%* a year, automation is key if security teams are to keep up.  

In this session, our instructors will take you back to the basics of data loss prevention (DLP). Join us for the first course as we brush up on:  

  • What is DLP? Why DLP?
  • Tools for monitoring riskiest data loss channels
  • Techniques used in detecting different types of data
  • Latest and greatest of data controls

*Accenture. “The State of Cybersecurity Resilience 2021.” November 2021. 


Course 2

Shortfalls of Legacy DLP and How to Modernize Your DLP Program

In a work-from-anywhere world, data loss prevention requires a people-centric approach.  Unfortunately, network and data-centric solutions are not up to the task.  Modern DLP solutions must provide visibility to negligent, compromised and malicious user scenarios and address all key channels of data loss.  They must scale with your company’s information protection needs, protect data without interruption, and be built with privacy-by-design in mind. 

Join us for the second course to learn:  

  • Challenges with legacy on-premises DLP 
  • What to look for and how to build a people-centric DLP solution 
  • Why you need a cloud-native multi-channel DLP solution


Course 3

Common DLP Use Cases in a Work from Anywhere World

With the pandemic, the pace of digital transformation accelerated. Work habits changed. Messaging on Teams or Slack replaced water cooler conversations. In addition to email, documents are being shared via the cloud applications such as SharePoint and Box. As a result, data has left the corporate perimeter and now resides everywhere.  So data loss prevention (DLP) practices must also change and follow the data and the users more effectively.  

Join us for the third and last course to learn about:  

  • Top DLP use cases for the riskiest data loss channels 
  • Architecture of choice for each use case 
  • How to fine tune DLP policy rules 
  • How to measure success