Web-based Accreditation Courses

Proofpoint Technical Training courses are offered through our complementary web-based training platform Proofpoint LEVEL UP. Here you will find self-paced and live Instructor-Led training learning options. These courses cover a full range of topics across our suite of products and are available from anywhere, anytime for your convenience.

If you have any questions regarding Proofpoint Technical Training offerings, please reach out to training@proofpoint.com. We look forward to training you and your team! 


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Proofpoint’s Technical Training Strategy Overview

“Knowledge is power” and Proofpoint offers a powerful, outcome based training strategy for our customers and partners. Rather than relying on the traditional show-and-tell method to teach new skills, the Proofpoint Technical Training Team leverages their combined 190+ years of instructional design experience, to incorporate a people-centric, role-based approach, delivered through appropriate learning levels and learning paths. Below is a summary of our strategy.


The individual using our products and solutions is at the heart of how we design training. Our approach includes a training experience that results in learning how to successfully complete tasks, processes, and reports while utilizing our tried-and-true best practices. 

Role Based:

We explore how a user intera­cts, engages, values, and experiences our products and solutions. We shifted from educating a user about a product in its entirely, to instead creating a day in the life of a successful user in a specific role. Whether you are a System, Email, Compliance, or Threats Administrator, Security Analyst, Reviewer, or Authentication Manager, your training incorporates skills, tasks, and best practices specific to your role. 

Learning Levels:

Learning is grouped into three levels:

Learning Levels

Learning Paths:

The learning paths are self-paced, level and role-based courses that are strategically grouped. The paths are sequential and skill-based to ensure you master technical content while empowering you with knowledge that will result in product and solution success. You can register for a learning path with a single click on Proofpoint LEVEL UP.  As an example, view our learning path options for the Security Awareness Training product. These paths include multiple courses.

Proofpoint Learning Path Examples

Other Product-Learning Resources on Level Up:

  • Video Series: Contains micro learning videos in which a product expert reviews a key product task. This series is organized alphabetically by topic.
  • Release Series: Highlights updates and enhancements for a new product release by incorporating videos, product documentation, screenshots, downloadable documents, and best practices.