Insider Threat Awareness: Fireside Chat with Crane

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Recorded live on September 14, 2023

Crane, a global leader in industrial manufacturing, has a globally dispersed workforce and diverse business portfolio. Like any organization, Crane is vulnerable to insider threats and needs to protect its intellectual property from careless, malicious, and compromised users.

This Insider Threat Awareness Month join us for a 45-minute webinar for insights and practical advice from Bella Gracy, Manager, Global Data Threat Analysis at Crane. She will share her perspective on:

  • Approaches to insider threat management and its role in the broader security team
  • The most important capabilities in an insider threat management solution
  • Balancing user productivity and security
  • Lessons learned and advice for organizations starting their ITM journey

This is part one of a two-part series, Mitigate Risk from Insider Threats for Insider Threat Awareness Month.

Bella Gracy

Manager, Global Data Threat Analysis at Crane

Isabella Gracy designed, implemented, and now manages an Insider Threat program within Crane Company, a global diversified manufacturing conglomerate. Her past investigative experience accompanied by an educational background in forensic psychology brings a unique perspective to managing Insider Threats cross-functionally. Isabella is particularly passionate about building security culture with a human-centric approach. Prior to working in Insider Threat, Isabella specialized in supply chain security investigations and intelligence analysis. She holds multiple Insider Threat and related industry certifications, and degrees from the University of New Haven in Psychology and Criminal Justice.