Insider Threat Awareness Month:

Mitigate Risk from Insider Threats 

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Hybrid work, data growth, and employee turnover are increasing the risks of data loss and insider threats. As a result, insider threats are one of the top concerns among CISOs according to the 2023 Proofpoint Voice of the CISO report. Implementing a proactive approach to insider threats is critical to protecting the organization from brand and financial damage.  

This Insider Threat Awareness Month, join our two-part webinar series, Mitigate Risk from Insider Threats, to learn how to start your organization’s journey and protect your most sensitive data.  

Webinar Series - Part 1

Insider Threat Awareness: Fireside Chat with Crane

Crane, a global leader in industrial manufacturing, has a globally dispersed workforce and diverse business portfolio. Like any organization, Crane is vulnerable to insider threats and needs to protect its intellectual property from careless, malicious, and compromised users.

This Insider Threat Awareness Month join us for a 45-minute webinar for insights and practical advice from Isabella Gracy, Manager, Global Data Threat Analysis at Crane. She will share her perspective on:

  • Approaches to insider threat management and its role in the broader security team
  • The most important capabilities in an insider threat management solution
  • Balancing user productivity and security
  • Lessons learned and advice for organizations starting their ITM journey

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Webinar Series - Part 2

Mitigate Risks from Insider Threats: Featuring Forrester Research

Insider threats are constantly evolving based on macroeconomic conditions, disruptive technologies, and business shifts. Keeping a step ahead of these dynamics while mitigating insider risk can be a daunting challenge. CISOs need a proactive approach that brings together people, process, and technology from across the organization with a shared goal: protect the organization from the brand and financial damage caused by insider threats. 

During National Insider Threat Awareness Month, join our special one-hour webinar with guest speaker, Forrester Research’s Joseph Blankenship, VP and Research Director for Security & Risk, to learn: 

  • What keeps CISOs up at night when it comes to insider risk   
  • How disruptive technologies such as generative AI create opportunities – and challenges 
  • Practical advice and lessons learned from real-world examples of insider threats 
  • How to take a proactive, context-driven approach to managing insider threats 

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Featured Speakers

Isabella Gracy

Manager, Global Data Threat Analysis at Crane

Isabella Gracy designed, implemented, and now manages an Insider Threat program within Crane Company, a global diversified manufacturing conglomerate. Her past investigative experience accompanied by an educational background in forensic psychology brings a unique perspective to managing Insider Threats cross-functionally. Isabella is particularly passionate about building security culture with a human-centric approach. Prior to working in Insider Threat, Isabella specialized in supply chain security investigations and intelligence analysis. She holds multiple Insider Threat and related industry certifications, and degrees from the University of New Haven in Psychology and Criminal Justice.

Joseph Blankenship

Vice President, Research Director at Forrester Research

Joseph supports security and risk (S&R) professionals, helping clients develop security strategies and make informed decisions to protect against cyberattacks. As a research director for S&R, he leads the analyst team researching security leadership, the role of the CISO, infrastructure and operations, detection and response, and Forrester’s Zero Trust model of information security. His research focuses on insider threat prevention, security operations, and security management.Joseph has presented at industry events, been quoted in the media, and written on a variety of security topics.