People-Centric Security for
Healthcare Compliance & Risk Mitigation

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Your healthcare organization relies heavily on cloud-based applications, such as Microsoft 365, to communicate and keep things running. But with that comes challenges. It’s difficult to secure data and adhere to data privacy and record keeping. At the same time, you must protect your organization and your users against fraudulent activity.  This is why a people-centric approach to security and compliance is crucial to stopping cyber threats and mitigating risks. 

Join us for a panel discussion to hear how your peers are addressing these challenges. We’ll discuss steps to ensure compliance across your electronic communications ecosystem. 

This session covers: 

  • Common compliance challenges and pitfalls when it comes to e-discovery and risk detection 
  • How your content capture and archive strategy can augment your information protection program 
  • How a people-centric approach helps you better protect your organization