White Paper

Protecting Corporate Data when Employees Leave Your Company

In today’s economy, people change jobs all the time. And when they leave the workplace, corporate data often leaves with them. How do companies protect customer lists, trade secrets, financial projections, and intellectual property when a worker quits or is fired?

All too often, they don’t. And that creates a legion of security and compliance risks. Osterman Research explores this growing problem and what you can do about it in a new report.

Download the report to learn:

  • The risks of not managing departing workers’ data access
  • How Office 365 and other cloud access complicates the problem
  • Best practices for setting policy and managing worker access
  • Technologies and processes that can boost visibility and control over key assets

Get your copy of “Protecting Corporate Data When Employees Leave Your Company” today. You can’t keep every employee. But you should keep your data from leaving, with them.