Enable seamless security and connectivity as users work from anywhere


Ensure business continuity and secure user access to your corporate resources

Secure User Access

It’s increasingly important for you to provide your users with the access they need to corporate resources regardless of their location or device. Many organizations struggle to provide the policies and infrastructure to quickly adapt to this changing work force. Proofpoint can help.

  • Secure applications and network resources; reduce the attack surface with zero-trust access for all users
  • Replace slow, awkward VPN connections with a global backbone that allows remote users to connect to the nearest PoP for better performance and quality of service from anywhere in the world
  • Get device protection—every user device has a unique identity that is authenticated, authorized and verified for every packet in real time, not only on initial access, with always on security
  • Manage all policies from the simple Proofpoint Zero Trust Network Access (ZTNA) admin console in the cloud

Proofpoint ZTNA

Secure Application and Data Access

Today’s expanded workforce is no longer being protected by a traditional corporate perimeter. These remote workers also use more cloud-based apps. So your security team needs to rethink how to protect your organization. Attackers may exploit your users by stealing login credentials to take over user accounts and infiltrate your corporate resources. It’s important for you to provide extra layers of protection when your users browse the web and use cloud apps. What’s more, your security team lacks visibility into risky behavior now that corporate resources are more easily accessible and the workforce more remote. Traditional perimeter-based data protection fails to provide you with early warnings of data loss and system misuse when your users access systems and collaborate on intellectual property from outside your corporate network.

  • Defend against potentially malicious URL links in personal webmail with URL isolation technology
  • Gain adaptive controls integrated with TAP to isolate URL clicks based on risk
  • Prevent unauthorized access to SaaS apps with identity and role-based controls
  • Protect sensitive files in the cloud with real-time data loss prevention and device-based data controls
  • Protect your organization’s IP and your people's hard work by detecting malicious and accidental insider risks in real time
  • Launch rapid and accurate insider threat investigations, and gain comprehensive visibility into user and data activity all in one place

Browser Isolation
ObserveIT Insider Threat Management

User Education

With Proofpoint Security Awareness Training, you can turn your users into a strong last line of defense—regardless of where they work. We offer user education that ranges from simulated attacks to knowledge assessments. These can gauge your users’ understanding of key topics, including working remotely, WiFi, data protection and more. And our fully customizable training modules are available in the same essential topics for your remote workforce. This also includes core cybersecurity and compliance topics. Finally, our email reporting and analysis tools allow your users to easily report suspicious messages. They leverage Proofpoint threat intelligence and dedicated sandboxing to quickly disposition reported messages. This saves your incident response teams valuable time. With this flexible, powerful platform, you can keep your users engaged, while measurably reducing risk.

Simulated Phishing and Knowledge Assessments
Training Modules
Phishing Email Reporting and Analysis

Organization Wide Compliance

With Proofpoint Compliance,  you get intelligent, cloud-based content capture and archiving solutions. This provides your remote workforce with compliant adoption of the latest communications platforms. What’s more, our solutions help you proactively monitor, detect, reveal and investigate your enterprise risks. This enables you to meet the most sophisticated discovery and regulatory requirements.

  • Cloud-based communications and collaboration tools are a must for employees working from home. Getting these communications to your archive can challenge and strain limited IT resources. Proofpoint makes it simple for you to capture, archive and manage communications across sources.
  • Employees need unfettered, secure access to their archived information. This holds true whether it’s as simple as retrieving a customer email that’s vanished from the active mail system or as complex as responding to a critical e-discovery request with tight deadlines. With Proofpoint, you can easily provision your users to access what they need, wherever they need it. 
  • If you’re part of an essential, highly-regulated financial services firm, compliance is of utmost importance. With Proofpoint, your analysts have the tools they need to supervise digital communications and ensure compliance with regulations—whether they’re in the office or working from home.

Content Capture
Enterprise Archive
Intelligent Supervision

Cloud App Security Broker

Gain visibility and control over your cloud apps, so you can deploy cloud services with confidence.

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