Founded in 1996 and based in Stockholm, Sweden, Blocket AB owns and operates the country’s biggest marketplace for selling and buying goods online through a classified advertising website (www.blocket.se). Blocket is one of the top ten most recognized brands in Sweden with 99% brand awareness. Every week, over 5 million unique visitors turn to Blocket to buy and sell second-hand items.


  • Protect a well-known brand against targeted attacks 
  • Detect and block phishing email attempts before they reach customers
  • Prevent email-based threats from hurting brand reputation and revenue


  • Proofpoint Email Fraud Defense


  • Gained visibility into attacks and threats
  • Identified and addressed authentication issues on all mail streams
  • Achieved a 99% drop in suspicious incoming email
  • Reduced customer service tickets related to phishing emails by 70%





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