Phishing Awareness Kit

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Phishing Awareness Kit

Engage and Educate Your Users With Our Free Phishing Awareness Kit

Do your users know what phishing is? Are they protected from dangerous phishing attacks, and would they know how to respond to them? To help protect them, Proofpoint Security Awareness Training is offering a free Phishing Awareness Kit. This helpful kit provides the tools you need to engage your users and turn them into a strong line of defence against phishing attacks and other cyber threats.

This kit includes:

  • A communications plan to help your administrators roll out the kit materials
  • A PDF introduction that defines phishing
  • An infographic and video educating users in under 60 seconds on how to identify phishing attacks
  • A video, presentation, and article to expand your user education with anecdotes and actionable tips to avoid phishing
  • A wrap-up set of videos with real-world examples of phishing attacks