Digital Risk Protection

Digital Risk Protection

Proofpoint Digital Risk Protection secures your brand and customers against digital security risks across web domains, social media, and the deep and dark web. It’s the only solution that gives you a holistic defense for all your digital engagement channels.

Social and Domain Impersonation

Discover and protect against social and web domains impersonating your brand. These types of attackers register many web domains and social media accounts to mimic legitimate businesses. They then defraud their employees, customers and partners. That’s why monitoring and protecting your company’s domain and social presence needs to be a key part of your security strategy.

  • Build a “known good” map of your brand-owned domains and social accounts
  • Gain visibility into fraudulent domains and social accounts
  • Identify infringing use of your logos
  • Integrates with internal and third-party takedown workflow
  • Optionally submit malicious domain’s to your PPS Block List and/or Proofpoint’s Virtual Takedown Service

Content Threat Monitoring

Monitor for threats against your brand, executives and locations. Proofpoint Digital Risk Protection helps you easily find these potential threats within content on digital channels. It does this by continuously scanning the far reaches of the digital world, spanning millions of web pages—including the dark web—and social content for threats.

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With Digital Risk Protection, you get:

  • Brand Threat Monitoring—Monitors for threats that target your organisation and its customers. These include cyber threats, fraud, and physical threats such as gun threats, protest activity, physical violence threats and more.
  • Executive Threat Monitoring—Helps you find threats on social media, Breach Database and darknet sources as well as from reputation compromise. It does this by looking for content that includes hate and profanity in conjunction with your key executives.
  • Location Threat Monitoring—Gives you instant notification of threats that are made against your location(s). By using your geo-coordinates or explicit location information, it helps you protect and defend against these threats.

Social Account Protection

Protect your brand-owned social accounts against hacks, phishing and malicious content.

Enterprise Cyber Security Solutions, Services and Training

Digital Risk Protection helps you:

  • Automate content remediation—Leverage its ability to scan posts and comments for high-risk content such as malware, phishing, profanity, hate speech, pornography and more. Based on the content type, you get to decide whether to log, notify, hide or delete it. There’s no other technology that can detect, classify and manage content more accurately.
  • Detect account takeovers and lock down compromised
    —Defend your brand accounts from takeover attempts by continuously monitoring for changes in your account profiles that can indicate a hack. Proofpoint can automatically remove unsanctioned content, revert compromised accounts to a previously approved or “known good” state, or lock down the account if account tampering is detected.
  • Enforce publishing application policy—Proofpoint app policies allow you to enforce publishing app access controls. This helps reduce the risk of unapproved publishing and it ensures the consistent use of your approved content publishing workflows.