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Orchestrate Security and Compliance Response

Keep security incidents from escalating into headline-worthy breaches. Get the tools, orchestration and insight you need to reduce your attack surface and respond quickly when things go wrong.


Proofpoint’s security orchestration, compliance, and incident response solution helps protect your people, data, and brand when things go wrong.

Our solution first identifies and encrypts sensitive data to lessen the impact of any files exposed in a breach. It can find, flag, or block sensitive data—both at rest (in network file stores and the cloud) and in motion (as it is sent to outside recipients).

During an attack, our incident response technology lowers or disables permissions for compromised accounts. It blocks communication or exfiltration network traffic. And it initiates and orchestrates the quarantine process—blocking apps, users, devices and more.


Solutions for Security and Compliance Response

Security Orchestration

Our security orchestration solution works with your existing infrastructure to:

  • Enrich incident alerts with intelligence
  • Confirm infections using forensics collection and auto-matching
  • Block or take down compromised and unauthorized accounts
  • Mitigate and quarantine threats
  • Automatically contain hosts, apps, and content



Protect against data loss

Don’t leave security and disclosure up to individual employees. Centralize data loss prevention by applying security policies to outgoing email and files. It’s automatic and transparent. Users send email and files as usual; your policies govern whether they go out or are encrypted, re-routed, or returned to the user to resolve.

Respond to the Mobile App Threat

Mobile devices are ripe targets. Bring mobile app reputation, intelligence, and analysis to your enterprise workflow. Our sandbox-based forensics, has analyzed over 15 million mobile apps and counting. Armed with this insight, you can quickly identify malicious and risky apps to stop mobile threats and compliance violations.



Protect Your Social Media Channels

Eliminate brand, security, and compliance risks that stand in the way of social media success. Protect social media accounts from attacks, malicious content, compliance violations and other risks. We integrate seamlessly with your accounts to reduce risk, protect your brand, and ensure compliance.

Threat Response

Accelerate all phases of your incident response process. Get richer alerts, streamline forensics and intel collection, and automate containment.

Data Discover

Discover and remediate sensitive and risky content automatically. Easily mitigate the impact of data breaches.

Mobile Defense

Detect and control apps with risky behaviors that may lead to advanced persistent threats (APTs), spear phishing attacks, and other security risks.

Social Defense Suite

Eliminate brand, security, and compliance risks associated with social media.


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