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‘The W Files: #BeyondThePhish’ Series: Security Awareness Videos

“The W Files: #BeyondThePhish” series contains three security awareness videos with a comic-book theme, featuring ordinary people who become “cybersecurity heroes,” battling the forces of cybercrime. These brief, attention-grabbing videos are designed to show the “lighter side” of cybersecurity, and are a great way to introduce users to security awareness training initiatives. 

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Videos in This Series 

  • Smishing (SMS/text phishing message) and vishing (voice phishing phone calls) 

  • Online shopping at work and oversharing on social media

  • Allowing family members to use corporate devices 

Companion Materials 

This Awareness Video Campaign also includes print-ready files for a comic book that illustrates stories from the videos, as well as companion posters and images that share the same look and feel. These materials can further enhance your awareness initiatives and keep users thinking and talking about security. Images can be used to create signs, giveaways, screensavers, and other visual elements to round out your campaign.