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Social Media Protection

Eliminate brand, security, and compliance risks that stand in the way of your social media success


Just like any other communication channel, your social accounts must be protected from attacks, malicious content, compliance violations, and other risks. Our cloud-delivered solutions integrate seamlessly with your accounts to reduce risk, protect your brand, and ensure compliance.

Secure Social Media

Get social media security intelligence and enforcement.

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Protect Social Marketing

Eliminate social media brand risks so you can focus on social success.

Ensure Compliance

Automatically identify and remediate social media compliance risks.

Social Discover

Map and persistently monitor your social footprint. Find and audit accounts associated with your brand—including unauthorized, fraudulent, and protest accounts.

Social Patrol

Get real-time protection from account takeover and automated enforcement to combat spam, compliance risks, and malicious content.

Social Sight

Bring enterprise-grade security to your employee social media programs. Protect your company while maintaining full employee privacy.

Social Syndicate

Create a pre-approved content library, centralize content collection, automate pre-publishing review, and syndicate content.


Ransomware Survival Guide

What every organization needs to know before, during, after an attack.

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See why Forrester recognized Proofpoint as a Leader in Digital Risk Monitoring that stands above the rest of the pack with unparalleled control and enforcement capabilities. 

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Top Social Media Scams of 2016

Explore the top social media scams of 2016.


Solutions Brief

The Value of Integrated Mobile, Social and Email Threat Defense

Learn how mobile, social and email threat vectors relate to each other from a security perspective.

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When you request a demo, you can map your current social footprint by finding both brand-owned and unauthorized or fraudulent accounts. We’ll help audit content and applications on your branded accounts to assess your social media risk. You can also experience the power of our automated security and compliance content remediation with preset and customizable policies for notification and deletion.