Social Patrol

Protect social media accounts with automated, real-time protection against hacks, phishing,
malicious content, and compliance risks.


Proofpoint Social Patrol provides real-time protection and compliance supervision for branded social media accounts across all major social networks. Use our patent-pending technology to detect account hacks, lock down compromised accounts, remove malicious content, control connected applications, prevent phishing, and reduce compliance costs.

Features and Benefits

Automated Content Remediation

Social Patrol automatically identifies high-risk content and can remove it in seconds. Out-of-the-box policy templates help you manage security, compliance, and acceptable use. With a few clicks, you can set policies for a wide range of industries and regulations; no rule-writing or keyword lists needed. Policies can even activate at set times to stop sensitive information, such as product announcements, from leaking to the public.

Over 110 classifiers leverage our patent-pending Deep Social Linguistic Analysis (DSLA) technology for unrivaled accuracy. Social Patrol can even analyze text within pictures.

With Social Patrol you get:

  • Three clicks to automated, enterprise-grade security, compliance, and acceptable use policy enforcement
  • Enforcement options that include log, notify, hide, and delete
  • Content remediation at unlimited scale—it works 24/7/365 without the cost of a team of moderators
  • Automatic blocking of persistent bad actors that attack your brand

Protection from Account Hacks

Social Patrol’s ProfileLock™ feature monitors and remediates account hacks in real time. It integrates with social networks via APIs to continuously monitor your accounts for changes in profile or publishing patterns that indicate someone has hijacked the account. If ProfileLock detects account tampering, it immediately sends an alert so you can remove unsanctioned content. You also have the option to automatically lock down the account in the event of a hack.

With ProfileLock, you can:

  • Designate approved account configurations, including authorized owners, images, credentials, third-party apps
  • Monitor accounts for suspicious behaviors such as a spike in publishing volume
  • Be notified when approved configurations change or suspicious behaviors are detected
  • Require approval for profile changes
  • Set automatic lockdown policies or trigger profile lockdowns with the push of a button

ProfileLock Security Demo

ProfileLock continually monitors your brand's social media accounts for hacks and tampering, and au——tomatically locks your accounts to stop hackers, fraud, and abuse.

Hashtag and Brand Term Monitoring

You’ve invested in your brand and your brand-related hashtags, but once they’ve grown in popularity, anyone can use them across social media. Sometimes, this can be complaints about an experience and other times, it can pose a security risk.

Social Patrol helps you monitor hashtags and brand-related terms for:

  • Threats to brand reputation
  • Security threats (phishing, malware, spam, personal threats)

Protection For Your Employees And Physical Locations

Cybercriminals not only impersonate executives for social engineering attacks, they use the digital landscape to make threats against your key employees and plan attacks on business locations. As part of your corporate security strategy, it’s important to conduct security threat intelligence in social media and the dark web for risks to your employees and physical locations.

Social Patrol can:

  • Monitor digital content across social media and dark web for threats to key employees and executives
  • Monitor digital content across social media and dark web for threats of physical attack or protests related to corporate locations

Social Application Control

Social Patrol lets you control what applications can publish content across your social networks. With our built-in application categorization, you can whitelist applications allowed to publish to your accounts. Social Patrol automatically sends an alert or removes any content posted by unauthorized apps.

With Social Patrol’s application controls, you can:

  • Enable only authorized apps to publish to your accounts
  • Receive alerts and automatically remove content when app policy violations occur
  • Minimize the risk of compromised apps being used to hack social accounts
Protection mail contre les ransomwares - Proofpoint Email Security

"Social media is an important connection point to our fans around the world. Our goal is to deliver an engaging and positive fan experience, and Proofpoint helps deliver on that objective."

— Jeremy Thum, Senior Director, Digital Experience for the Golden State Warriors

Risk and Compliance Management

Social Patrol provides simple, click-to-comply policy controls and reporting. Easily comply with industry regulations and corporate governance standards. Pre-built policies and reports help you identify, remediate, and report on compliance violations. And they work across all of your social media properties. Intelligent archiving saves you time and money on search and e-discovery. With SocialPatrol, social media compliance is made simple.

With Social Patrol you can:

  • Instantly identify, remove, and report on posts that pose a compliance or regulatory risk
  • Integrate with social publishing platforms to pre-review social media content
  • Automatically archive all social media content, including contextual data on workflow and remediation

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