Isolating Risky URLs with TAP URL Isolation for VAPs

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A key component to basic email security

Modern email threats exploit human nature. They often rely on the person being targeted to activate the attack or provide their credentials for bad actors to gain access to their systems and launch attacks from within. In fact, research shows that 94% of threats start with email.  Furthermore, Forrester has found that 27% of those external attacks where an enterprise was breached were carried out using stolen credentials — often beginning with a simple phishing email.

So if you think about it, stopping the threat at the first point of infection is critical because once an attacker gains access to your system or sends a piece of malware to the endpoint, then they have access to virtually anything they want within the organization.  That’s where applying adaptive isolation controls comes in.

For years, CISOs have struggled with the ability to protect their users and have spent countless hours trying to figure out if unknown URLs are malicious in nature.  Even today, organizations still deploy a myriad of security tools to help solve these challenges and protect their users.  To properly defend against phishing attacks and targeted attacks requires a combination of technologies and techniques.  It requires a solution that enables users to be able to fully interact with unknown and never before seen URLs, all while keeping the organization secure.

Applying adaptive isolation controls for your VAPs

At Proofpoint, we provide a unique people-centric approach to cybersecurity. It starts with understanding your Very Attacked People (VAPs) and providing adaptive security controls for these users.  With this unique approach to protecting people, we can determine the riskiest URLs that get into your users’ inboxes and isolate those risky URL clicks to help prevent threats and credential phish from impacting your organization.

TAP URL Isolation for VAPs is a cloud-based platform that helps protects organizations from URL and web-based attacks for your Very Attacked Persons (VAPs).  It extends the capabilities of Proofpoint’s Targeted Attack Protection platform and is now including in Proofpoint’s core offering.  With TAP URL Isolation for VAPs, any URL that is clicked on within corporate email by your VAP users will be analyzed and isolated per configured policy. This will enable them to confidently access websites from their corporate email, knowing that the organization is secure.  Isolation is a critical component for basic email security and is the only way to truly enable users to confidently browse unknown websites while still protecting them from URL and web-based attacks.

Our advanced isolation capabilities coupled with our robust threat intelligence platform gives you complete visibility and protection for threats targeting your most important asset—your people.  TAP URL Isolation for VAPs is not only simple to deploy and manage but also allows you to set up additional security measures for your Very Attacks Persons (VAPs) in minutes, rather than weeks or months.  This new cloud-based isolation solution makes it easy for you to stay ahead of attackers.

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