Protect Your People, Their Devices and Data with Proofpoint and CrowdStrike

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Proofpoint and CrowdStrike, two cybersecurity leaders in our own right, are proud to have worked together for more than three years. Together, we’ve offered comprehensive protection against cyber threats across the attack chain more than 800 mutual customers. In that time, we’ve jointly built multiple integrations that help them mitigate risk and improve their security posture.

A multilayered defense strategy is critical to protect against attackers who target your people. Our approach integrates and automates orchestration and response across a range of Proofpoint and CrowdStrike offerings. This occurs through shared threat intelligence that spans files, devices, user risk and more.

Thanks to our collaborative efforts, our mutual customers can make their security programs more effective and more efficient. Beyond enhanced threat protection, the integrations help maximize returns on investments they’ve made in Proofpoint Threat Protection products and the CrowdStrike Falcon platform.

Here are three that are ready to use now—and at no added cost.

1.    Pre-Delivery Protection for Internal and External Email

Proofpoint Targeted Attack Protection (TAP) and Proofpoint Internal Mail Defense (IMD) products use CrowdStrike Falcon Intelligence for two key security use cases. TAP blocks external emails that contain unsafe attachments. And IMD halts the lateral movement of internal emails that contain unsafe attachments. The two solutions benefit from shared threat intelligence to stop attacks early in the kill chain, blocking threats before they can reach users’ inbox. These threats include:

  • Ransomware
  • Polymorphic malware
  • Keyloggers
  • Zero-day threats

2.    Post-Delivery Protection and Automated Remediation

Proofpoint threat protection products automatically detect and quarantine emails and attachments that turn malicious after they’ve been delivered. Intelligence gained about these new threats is then shared with CrowdStrike Falcon Intelligence. This integration helps limit future attacks on managed devices.

3.    Post-Upload Malicious File Quarantine

Working together, Proofpoint Cloud App Security Broker (CASB) and Falcon Intelligence detect and quarantine malicious files uploaded to the cloud. A blend of visibility and threat detection help protect end users and their devices from advanced cyber threats that stem from the web and cloud apps.

By joining forces, Proofpoint and CrowdStrike help prevent and resolve threats across email, the cloud and endpoints. It’s no hyperbole to say we have wholly transformed our joint customers’ security programs. Our close collaboration and robust threat intelligence sharing have helped customers reduce risk and enhance their security posture.

As a testament to our successful partnership, Proofpoint was named CrowdStrike's Ecosystem Innovator of the Year in 2022. Our integrations have become a critical addition to any cybersecurity strategy.

In the words of our executives:

“Over the past four years, our partnership with CrowdStrike has provided remarkable advantages to our customers. Although email and endpoint attacks have undergone significant growth and evolution during that time, our joint customers have benefited from our close collaboration to protect against initial access and mitigate lateral movement in their infrastructure.”

— D.J. Long, Vice President, Strategic Alliances & Business Development, Proofpoint
“Our partnership with Proofpoint started because of customer demand and continues to grow, supporting our unified mission of preventing breaches. Together, we offer customers innovative ways to elevate their security architecture and improve their security posture by bringing the power of tight integrations to eliminate blind spots and combat adversaries. By offering multilayered protection strategies across enterprise attack surfaces, we’re making it easier for customers to secure their environment against sophisticated malware and malware-free attacks.”

— Michael Rogers, Vice President, Global Alliances & Channel Chief, CrowdStrike

To learn more about our Proofpoint and CrowdStrike integrations, please visit our partner webpage or watch the Proofpoint/CrowdStrike partnership overview video here.

You can also join us at the RSA Conference 2023 from April 24-27 in booth #6253 in the Marketplace or at either of our two joint presentations:

  • Proofpoint @ CrowdStrike Booth #N-6144: Tues., Apr. 25, 1:30-1:50 PM PST
  • CrowdStrike @ Proofpoint Booth #N-6253: Wed., Apr. 26, 12:15-12:35 PM PST