Threat of the Week: Shankar's Virus and Cryptocurrency Miner Coinhive

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Each week we host a Threat of the Week webinar featuring a high-level look at interesting threats to help security teams navigate the attack landscape. And this week we’re profiling Shankar's Virus and Coinhive, a cryptocurrency miner commonly missed by legacy email security vendors.

Discovered in 1999, Shankar's Virus is a polymorphic virus that can change and restore itself. Delivered through an infected email, it unleashes havoc on Microsoft Word while changing computer time so that it can regenerate. We’ve also featured a very active cryptocurrency miner, Coinhive, in the webinar. Our research team recently saw a 460% jump quarter over quarter in events associated with the miner.

For more information on cryptocurrency-related threats below are three links to our recent cryptocurrency Threat Insight research blog posts. If you have any questions on the threats profiled in this week’s webinar, please feel free to insert a comment below.

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