As a leading independent bank serving Florida and Alabama, USAmeriBank is highly capitalized to ensure tremendous financial stability and provide the flexibility to offer solutions that are beyond the capabilities of rigid regional or national companies. In addition, USAmeribank provides customers with technologies and tools that make getting information and completing transactions easy and secure.

Small and medium enterprises (SMB) like USAmeribank need a security solution that is effective against advanced attacks, but is also easy to manage, enabling them to focus on daily business functions rather than spending their time worrying about security. Proofpoint Essentials looks out for SMBs with a cloud-based, enterprise class security solution that leverages the same backend technology that protects over half of Fortune 100 companies. 


• Protect customers sensitive information 
• Encrypt email containing PII & PCI
• Eliminate phishing and malicious messages 
• Consolidate email security vendors for increased ease of use and management


•  Proofpoint Essentials Advanced Package


•  Secured communication of sensitive information
•  Stopped an average of over 500 malicious messages a day
•  Seamless implementation, superior support and excellent ease of use

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