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What is Digital Risk?

Eliminate digital security, brand and compliance risks across your social media, domains and mobile apps


You've built a strong presence across your digital engagement channels—social media, web and mobile apps. While this provides a cohesive customer experience, it also exposes your company to digital risk.

Proofpoint Digital Risk Protection solution looks beyond your perimeter to deliver comprehensive security, brand and compliance protection against digital risks.

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Digital Security Risks

Your company’s digital presence provides a rich arena for criminals to unleash their attacks on your unsuspecting customers. They create fraudulent brand domains, hack your social media accounts and hijack your customer support interactions with angler phishing schemes.

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Digital Brand Risks

You’ve built a strong digital presence with big following and super fans. Now bad actors want to take advantage of your captive audience and overwhelm your social accounts with massive volumes of inappropriate content and hijack your popular hashtags. Social mob attacks and hashtag hijacking damage your brand goodwill and customer trust.

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Digital Compliance Risks

Digital engagement introduces an array of compliance and governance risks. All digital content needs to be supervised to ensure it meets the corporate governance and regulation requirements for public-communications and retention rules. Social account sprawl and unmanaged accounts make this a big challenge. And, bad actors that bait your customers with fraudulent social accounts and mobile apps lead to real risks of financial losses and compliance violations.

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Solution Brief

Digital Risk Overview

With Proofpoint’s holistic platform, you can eliminate the brand, security, and compliance risks that stand in the way of enterprise digital engagement. 

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Monitoring and Protecting Your Company's Digital Footprint eBook Cover


Monitoring and Protecting Your Company's Digital Footprint

Learn about the channels that make up a company’s digital footprint and the various risks that make it important to consistently monitor and secure your organization’s digital footprint across all channels, even if you do not have an official brand presence in one.

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Understanding Digital Risk

You’ve built a strong digital presence across social media, web and mobile apps to provide a cohesive customer experience. Learn about the digital risks that come with this presence.

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Guide to Global Digital Communications Compliance for Regulated Industries

Review the global regulations that govern digital communications and social channels by region and industry.

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