The Human Factor 2018 Report

How today's attacks exploit people

Human Nature is the Vulnerability

Today's advanced attacks target people, not just technology. Cyber criminals are scaling up people-centered threats and attacks that rely on human interaction. 

Below are our key findings from data collected across our global customer base and analysis of over 1 billion messages per day.

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Email is the attack vector of choice

30% of clicks in malicious emails happen within 10 minutes of delivery.
52% of clicks occur within an hour.

Email fraud targeted 80% of organizations

Subject lines that mentioned legal advice or practices soared 1,850% vs. 2016.

APTs targeted all industries

Government and defense industries accounted for 40% of state-sponsored attacks. But these advanced persistent threats (APTs) are also targeting smaller organizations and people.

Most malware is ransomware or a banking Trojan

More than 80% of malicious emails spread ransomware and banking Trojans. Banking Trojans appeared in more than 30% of malicious emails in Europe, Japan, and Australia.