IT Infrastructure Environmental Statement

Proofpoint is strongly committed to running its IT operations efficiently with a continued focus towards reducing our carbon footprint and environmental sustainability.

Proofpoint partners with data center colocation providers, Internet service providers, and public cloud providers that demonstrate strong commitments toward environmental sustainability to deliver our people-centric cyber security and compliance services.

As Proofpoint continues to expand its worldwide presence into new regions and markets, we seek to engage with service and hardware providers who embrace sustainable practices. We seek providers compliant with environmental sustainability standards and have certifications such as Energy Star and LEED, and our largest production data centers align with Energy Star standards.

Proofpoint regularly reviews our infrastructure’s utilization and optimization and implements performance improvements to reduce our energy consumption and overall carbon footprint. We have instituted policies and procedures to evaluate and proactively replace aging computing hardware with modern, power-efficient models.

Proofpoint engages with e-waste recycling services to dispose of aging and malfunctioning equipment. Our e-waste recycling partners have rigorous processes, third-party audits, and global compliance policies to ensure proper material handling and environmental stewardship. These companies employ secure, responsible no-landfill recycling, as electronic equipment is converted to reusable components or commodity-grade materials for reuse in new products. This practice helps us ensure that we’re doing everything we can to reduce the impact of mining extraction of precious metals used in electronic components used to power Proofpoint services.

Additionally, for many of our product lines and services, we have executed on workload consolidation programs to reduce the number of servers in production by as much as 30%, thereby reducing the amount of power consumed to host Proofpoint’s people-centric security and compliance services for our customers.

For those managed services hosted in our partner’s data center colocation facilities, Proofpoint has invested heavily in private cloud technologies. This technology allows us to consolidate virtualized workloads, further increasing density and system efficiency and decreasing power and cooling needs.