1. Sign up as a Proofpoint Essentials partner.  Proofpoint Essentials is sold 100% through the channel – fill out the short form below and we will be in touch to provide you more information on Proofpoint Essentials and determine the best partner program for you.
  2. Select the new “Data Migration” tab in the McAfee Control Console and Decide When to Migrate. Once you are provisioned with a partner account in Proofpoint Essentials and then click on the "Grant Access" button in McAfee, we’ll securely retrieve summary information about your customers. Once we import the information into the Proofpoint Essentials migration tool, you’ll be able to see which customers to migrate and how many users they have. Manage your migrations according to your schedule—one at a time, a few together, or all of them at once.
  3. Choose a Package and a Template. Proofpoint Essentials is available in four packages to meet a variety of business needs, feature requirements, and budgets. You have the flexibility to create account templates to fit your customers’ individual needs. When you migrate a set of customers, simply choose which solution package and template to apply to easily customize deployment.
  4. Review the Results. As your data is migrated from McAfee to Proofpoint, you can stay up to date on the status through the solution’s migration dashboard. We’ll notify you by email as each customer is migrated and ready for deployment. Access migration summary reports that provide information on imported users, domains, filters, lists and groups.

You’ll have a solution recommended by Intel that offers the best cyber security and seamless migration—which makes Proofpoint an easy choice for your business.