Mobile Threat Assessment

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Your Business Could Be At Risk From Mobile Apps. Find Out.

More than 12,000 malicious mobile apps are available from stores. How many have your people used? How many have compromised your business?

It’s difficult to tell unless you conduct a mobile threat assessment. And only one company offers that assessment: Proofpoint.

We’re a world leader in cybersecurity — for email, social media and mobile app defense. Every day, we detect and block advanced threats and compliance risks in more than 600 million emails, hundreds of thousands of social-media accounts and more than 25 million mobile apps.

So who better to assess your mobile app risk?

Using output from your MDM, we’ll analyze your data and identify malware and high-risk apps across all user devices. The threat assessment is easy, with results in about a week:

  • No integration is required for Android and iOS
  • No employee information is required—no private information is shared
  • There’s no interruption to your business

You’ll get a clear view of where you stand. And it’s free.  Put your trust in the cybersecurity choice of more than half of the Fortune 100.

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Mobile Threat Assessment Scan Results