Proofpoint and Amazon Web Services

Enabling people-centric security for AWS

Amazon Web Services have been a key enabler to IT digital transformation efforts, however organizations need security and compliance tools to manage associated risks.

  • Compromised Accounts
  • Unauthorized Access
  • Data loss and Exfiltration
  • Email Spoofing
  • Compliance Violations
  • Suspicious Network Activity
  • Insider Threats
  • Shadow IT

Dynamic security and compliance controls to manage access and data.

AWS has enabled the modern workforce to be cloud-based and remotely distributed, making them a prime target of today’s cyber attacks. Threat actors have shifted their attention from the old network perimeter to people and the data, systems and resources they access. In this evolving environment, securing access to AWS resources, preventing data loss and staying compliant is critical.

Proofpoint for AWS

Discover AWS resources and accounts

Proofpoint can simplify multi-region AWS security and compliance with centralized management. You get visibility on all your SaaS apps and IaaS resources across AWS

  • Visualize resource creation trends and look for anomalies such as excessive resource creation or deletion
  • Drill down into discovered resources and ensure accounts are provisioned according to regulations and best practices
  • Audit network traffic logs to discover cloud apps and AWS accounts accessing your network
Proofpoint AWS Protect Sensitive Data

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Protect sensitive data

Proofpoint helps you identify and classify sensitive data in your cloud storage repositories such as AWS S3 buckets

  • Monitor file activities for DLP violations
  • Monitor S3 buckets for excessive sharing
  • Build data security policies using 240 built-in DLP classifiers – including built-in smart identifiers, dictionaries, rules and templates that are shared with other Proofpoint DLP products

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Identify misconfigured services

Proofpoint helps you govern security posture in your AWS environment

  • Discover configurations and settings that deviate from published baselines
  • Recommend best practices for fixing identified misconfigurations that present a security risk

Proofpoint AWS Technology Partner

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Cloud threat prevention

Proofpoint uses threat intelligence about known threat actors to block suspicious logins and prevent account takeover. Contextual data (incl. user location, device, network, login time) is used to further confirm a user’s identity and prevent risky access of AWS resources

  • Block access to highly attacked user accounts when CASB detects a suspicious login
  • Create a blocklist of countries where your organization does not have a presence

Proofpoint AWS Technology Partner

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Manage insider threats

Proofpoint delivers visibility on user and data activity across AWS EC2 instances and Amazon WorkSpaces

  • Complete view of endpoint-based activity to get full context around user-driven incidents and data-exfiltration
  • Visualize threat context around unique user groupings to better manage user risk

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Cloud Migration

Proofpoint eliminates complexity of providing secure remote access when moving workloads to Amazon AWS

  • Provide users with micro-segmented secure access, enable hybrid-cloud networking between on-premise servers and AWS
  • Seamlessly set up cloud-to-cloud connections and apply security policies

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Improve email trust

Proofpoint secures your Amazon SES email channel, giving you visibility, tools and services needed to authorize legitimate email

  • Address misconfigured email sending systems and email deliverability challenges related to broken email authentication validation checks
  • Expose DKIM signing & SPF problems as seen by email receivers
  • Identify and report email spoofing

Proofpoint AWS improve email trust


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Amazon GuardDuty

Proofpoint’s ET Intelligence is used by Amazon GuardDuty to detect and surface threats hidden in traffic between customer AWS instances.

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Migrate to AWS

Proofpoint's Threat Response Auto Pull (TRAP) appliance can be hosted on AWS. It helps your security teams analyze emails and automatically remove malicious messages.

Setup TRAP on AWS

AWS Marketplace

Proofpoint Email Security products may be purchased directly and are available on the AWS Marketplace.

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Proofpoint Information and Cloud Security Platform

Reviewed by AWS, it brings together Proofpoint Enterprise DLP, Proofpoint Insider Threat Management, CASB, Browser Isolation and Web Security.

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