Always-On VPN Alternative for the Enterprise

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Experience a modern cloud-based VPN, delivered as a service. Proofpoint Meta provides you with micro-segmented, secure access and cloud-delivered web security, along with an exceptional user experience.

Next Generation VPN Replacement

Proofpoint Meta Always-on VPN Alternative for the Enterprise

Proofpoint Meta always-on VPN as-a-service provides your remote users with access to authorized resources only. Employee A, for example, connects to Proofpoint Meta, and has access to one application in the branch and one application at HQ, along with secure internet. 


Proofpoint Meta eliminates the headaches of conventional VPN

Provide granular access to specific applications

Reduce your security exposure with Proofpoint Meta. It allows you to grant each of your users explicit access permission to specific applications. while all other network resources remain completely invisible. And your users connect using an always-on IPSec VPN client, with their identity embedded at the packet level. This enables continuous verification and a comprehensive audit trail.

Get built-in internet security

Provide your remote users with complete security. And not only when accessing corporate resources, but during any internet access. Proofpoint Meta directs internet traffic through the network security stack of your choice. And it’s delivered in the cloud to provide your users with complete protection.

Improve your user experience

Provide your users with a single, always-on VPN connection. And give them access to all of their authorized applications, wherever they are located. This also eliminates the laborious process of establishing multiple VPN connections. And our cloud-native global backbone provides fast access by letting your users connect from the PoP closest to their location.

Enjoy simple administration with total visibility

Free up your IT and help desk teams from managing VPN rules and troubleshooting problems. With Proofpoint Meta, a VPN alternative, you can centrally manage all remote access, in all locations. You simply onboard applications, networks and users once, and then define your access policies.


Experience the next generation in secure enterprise application access.

As applications move to the cloud and workers are increasingly mobile, enterprises need a better alternative for secure remote application access than the conventional VPN.

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