Security Awareness and Education Platform Key Features and Benefits

Integrated Security Awareness and Education Platform

Security awareness training programs have a lot of moving parts. We allow you to choose the specific knowledge assessments, simulated attacks, interactive training modules, security awareness videos, and materials that will work for you and add them to your own personalized security awareness education platform. With this one learning management system (LMS), you are able to upload your users, choose the type(s) of assessment(s) you would like to run, automatically enroll end-users into training, and then review results.

Real-Time Reporting

Our robust business intelligence features allow you to track your employees’ interactions with our CyberStrength Knowledge Assessments, ThreatSim Phishing Simulations, ThreatSim Smishing, and USB Simulations, and interactive security awareness training modules.

Our exportable reports help you focus on the areas, topics, and best practices that will benefit you the most, enabling you to reduce security risks and improve decision-making across all levels of your organization.

Customizable Content Services

A well-branded security awareness program is key to building a strong security culture. We can help you customize selected microlearning content—from a simple branding modification to more complex changes. We can also help you reinforce your company policies and tailor your messaging.

Proofpoint Security Awareness Customization Services are tailored to your needs. They can range from your brand logo to imagery to messaging to voice-overs. Choose the package that best meets your requirements and get a full view of the expected deliverable. LINK:

Multinational Support

We understand the global nature of business, and we make it easy for administrators to deliver assessments and training in more than 35 languages. For added flexibility, your end users can self-select their preferred language from a simple drop-down in our streamlined security education platform. Visit our Multinational Support page for a full list of available translations and the benefits of delivering localized training to your global employee base.


We were first-to-market with this time-saving feature that allows you to automatically assign follow-up training to anyone who falls for a ThreatSim Phishing Simulation, or any user who does not meet expectations on a Predefined CyberStrength Knowledge Assessment. While you can still assign training to everyone, Auto-Enrollment allows you to quickly deliver targeted training to your most susceptible end users. This approach can dramatically improve the efficiency of your program and engage those who need the most attention.

Communication and Prioritization Tools

Security Education Platform training modules that have been assigned to end users are automatically ordered at the top of the page according to their requested completion dates. Our administrative tools allow you to easily hide other interactive security training modules and send reminders to employees so they can focus on their current assignments. To help your team save time, we provide templates for email communications with your end users, including messages related to new users, new passwords, new assignments, assignment completions, and assignment reminders. You can use our standard templates or fully customize the content of the emails.

Multitenant Administration

This game-changing workflow can help you manage your program more effectively. With Multitenant Administration, you can delegate your program responsibilities while overseeing the program as a whole and making group-wide decisions. It gives you visibility and responsibility that’s uniquely right for each environment.

Multitenant Administration is especially valuable for large, complex organizations with a global or distributed footprint. You can set it up for a specific use case and choose how to roll out the features. You can also provide tailored programs that meet the needs of different groups of users. And at the same time, you can ensure these programs align with your overall security strategy.

Security Features and Customizable Password Policy

Organizations have the option to add two-factor authentication for all platform administrators. This feature, which can be enabled by our Customer Support team upon request, adds an extra layer of security and helps to ensure that only authorized individuals can access administrative functions and data.

On the user security side, administrators can limit password reuse and automatically lock out user accounts with too many failed login attempts, which helps organizations improve security and reinforce policies. In addition, administrators can preset lockout time frames for dormant accounts, which simplifies account management and improves security.

Administrators can also customize password management within the security awareness and education platform to match their own company policies. This allows for continuity and consistency across platforms used by employees, reinforcing best practices

Random Scheduling

This feature spreads out and randomizes the distribution of phishing assessments to minimize the impact on your email servers and IT helpdesk. This function also reduces the chances that employees will figure out — and discuss — the simulated attacks, which helps to preserve the integrity of your phishing data.

508 and WCAG Compliance

Our mobile-responsive modules conform to the U.S. Section 508 standard and the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) 2.0 AA standard, which ensures that these modules can be accessed and completed by end users with disabilities.

GDPR Right to Erasure Compliance

To help organizations comply with GDPR requirements, the security and education platform includes an “erasure” button that allows administrators to initiate the removal of personal user data from the system.

End-User Sync

Our End-User Synchronization (Sync) allows administrators to automatically provision and synchronize users into the platform. This means there is no need to use manual user import functions to update user lists, and to maintain and delete user properties. End-User Sync supports any identity provider—such as Azure Active Directory, Okta and Ping—and it is conducted via System for Cross-domain Identity Management (SCIM).