Expert Talk: How Do Global Companies Balance Innovation and Risk?

We teamed up with Mia Dand, CEO of Lighthouse3.com, to create a new Digital Risk Leadership podcast for busy digital leaders to stay on top of the latest risks to digital & social brands and to get expert tips, best practices from other great digital leaders.

With the explosion of digital and social media usage over the past years, brands have been made increasingly vulnerable to digital and social media risks through fake accounts, phishing, and fraud via social engineering. Protecting social brands and managing digital risk is a top priority for digital leaders.

In this episode of the Digital Risk Leadership podcast, we invited Craig Moore, Senior Legal Counsel at Wells Fargo and Jeremiah Owyang, well-known industry thought leader and founder of Crowd Companies.

Join us as Jeremiah and Craig share provocative yet pragmatic ideas from their experience with global companies:

  • What are the different types of corporate innovation?
  • How are global companies balancing innovation and risk?
  • What are the emerging technologies that are disrupting their markets today?
  • What are the key internal hurdles that global companies face when trying to foster innovation?
  • What are some examples of companies doing this really well?
  • What’s that one key thing companies should do to better manage innovation and risk?
  • And many more fascinating insights from this brilliant duo.

Note: All views expressed in this podcast are opinions of the guests and not the official views of their company.

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