Live Demo: Proofpoint Digital Risk Protection

Digital channels such as the web and social media provide a lot of opportunity for people and businesses to connect and communicate. At the same time, these channels provide a lot of opportunity for threat actors to defraud businesses and consumers, through phishing, wire transfer fraud, counterfeit sales and more. So how can you better protect your business from threats across digital channels?

Join this live demo and listen to product experts Kim Bruce and Mike Dempsey who will demonstrate how our solution helps customers:

  • Identify threats such as lookalike domains, domains selling counterfeit goods and domains involved in active phishing attacks
  • Find threats on social media, including phishing accounts, impersonation accounts, brand scams (like counterfeit goods or fake coupons), and malicious URLs in comments or replies to your posts
  • Monitor deep web and darknet sources to identify physical threats, credential compromise, confidential information exposure, doing and more

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