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Digital Security Risks - Protection & Solutions

Protect Your Customers from Digital Security Risks Across Social Media, Domains, and Mobile Apps


Digital risks are especially dangerous and hard to combat because they target your digital investments that sit outside of your traditional security infrastructure.

Proofpoint Digital Risk Defense looks beyond your perimeter to deliver discovery and protection that preserves your brand reputation and customer trust.


Secure Your Customers from Digital Phishing Attacks

Threat actors create lookalike social accounts, mobile apps, and domains that trick your customers with phishing attacks to sell knockoff versions of your products or steal credentials. Angler phishing is one of the most dangerous variants of digital security risks. This attack involves fake social media customer service accounts that trick customers into revealing sensitive information.

Learn how to safely support your customers and avoid angler phishing attacks.

Secure Against Social Account Takeovers

Attackers highjack social media accounts and publish malicious content on behalf of your brand, distribute malware, and more. Details of social media account takeovers are often oversimplified. Most organizations lack the protective countermeasures to mitigate this risk and respond to these incidents.

Learn how to protect your social investments from account takeovers.



Safeguard from Threats Against Your Employees and Physical Locations

Criminals turn to the deep web and social media to advertise leaked and stolen information for sale or post to social accounts and forums. The dark underbelly of these digital channels also hosts discussions that show intent to harm your executives, employees, or key physical locations. In addition, criminals coordinate their attack efforts and offer exploit kits for sale that target your organization.

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Guide to Stop Social Media Account Takeovers

Learn the best practices on how to protect your organization from social media account takeovers.

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Monitoring and Protecting Your Company's Digital Footprint

Learn about the channels that make up a company’s digital footprint and the various risks that make it important to consistently monitor and secure your organization’s digital footprint across all channels, even if you do not have an official brand presence in one.

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Proofpoint Q1 Threat Report


Angler Phishing

Learn how criminals create fraudulent customer support accounts to trick your customers into giving up their credentials. 

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Map Roles & Responsibilities for Social Media Risk

Establish controls for social media security risks by clearly defining which roles within your organization should be involved in social media risk management.

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