Mobile Security Solutions

Discover and stop malicious apps, networks and mobile exploits
before they steal credentials and expose data

Three-fourths of all apps may be insecure

According to Gartner, 75% of all mobile apps fail basic security tests. An influx of mobile devices—sanctioned and otherwise—means more risks and less visibility into how, where, and by whom your corporate data is being used.

Proofpoint Mobile Defense helps you protect your people, data, and brand from mobile security threats, including malicious and risky apps, insecure networks, and device exploits.

And we work with your MDM and EMM tools to help automate your workflow and mobile policies.

Detect and Control Risky Apps

Get a complete view of how apps in your environment are behaving—and complete control when they aren’t.

A mobile security solution will protect devices against malicious code (such as xCodeGhost and iBackDoor) embedded in apps. Easy-to-read summaries show you the risk and reputation of installed apps; you decide how to respond through a connected MDM.

With Mobile Defense, you can detect malicious apps that have withstood app store vetting and have been published in public app stores. You can even detect apps that have passed app store reviews but have added malicious capabilities through updates and background downloads. We also help detect hidden privacy issues.

Mobile Defense even protects against riskware—apps that aren’t overtly malicious but still pose compliance, data loss, and privacy risks.

Protect Against Wi-Fi and Device Attacks

A mobile security solution will analyze external Wi-Fi networks to detect mobile security threats, attacks, and risky configurations. These include man-in-the-middle attacks, SSL-stripping attacks, and content manipulation.

When someone connects to a risky or compromised Wi-Fi network, the mobile security solution will alert the user and system administrators.

Our client app for iOS and Android detects device anomalies such as abnormal CPU usage, unknown configuration profiles, and file system tampering that can indicate zero-day threats.

The app also looks for side-loaded and enterprise-signed apps that do not exist in app stores.

Protect User Privacy

Our mobile security solution offers several levels of control to help you comply with a wide range of worker privacy laws and workplace rules. You can configure Mobile Defense with the following privacy modes:

  • Full Transparency: report all apps and which users’ devices they’re on
  • Anonymized Apps: report apps anonymously, not linked to specific users
  • Total Privacy: does not report individual apps—only whether an app on an employee’s device exceeds a policy threshold

Total Privacy mode is patent-pending. The technology leaves enterprises fully protected without revealing what apps are on employees’ devices. MDM app inventory can even be turned off.

Automate Controls and Workflows

Get full visibility and control for Android and iOS devices in enterprise environments.

The Mobile Defense Enterprise Console provides at-a-glance visibility into mobile security threats in your environment. You see the overall enterprise app risk, which apps are malicious and risky, and where apps are sending and receiving data. You can set thresholds for risky app behavior and restrict specific activity.

And though API level integrations, you can sync with your MDM and EMM tools for continuous, automated protection. Easily enforce mobile policy, notify users and security teams about mobile threats, and quarantine affected devices.

“Enterprises that embrace mobile computing and bring your own device (BYOD) strategies are vulnerable to security breaches..."

— Dionisio Zumerle, principal research analyst at Gartner.

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