Why Choose Proofpoint Security Awareness Training?

Deliver the right training to the right people at the right time.

Build a Strong Last Line of Defense

We want to help turn your end users into a strong last line of defense — and we have the experience to help you create a comprehensive, effective security awareness program that delivers the right training to the right people at the right time. We offer a full-fledged suite of important security education tools that incorporates our industry-leading threat intelligence and delivers compelling results for our customers.

Proofpoint Security Awareness Training (formerly Wombat Security Technologies) has been named a leader five years in a row by Gartner in their Magic Quadrant for Security Awareness Computer-Based Training vendors. There’s a reason why thousands of organizations around the globe trust us as their security education provider.

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Driving Results for Our Customers

We’re constantly updating and improving our Security Awareness Education Platform to include the most comprehensive and effective set of tools in the industry. These tools, combined with our pioneering methodology, get results for our customers:

  • Up to 90% reduction in successful external phishing attacks and malware infections
  • 71% average improvement in phishing vulnerability among Results Snapshot and Case Study participants
  • Up to 50% reduction in business risk and impact related to end-user security

Continuous Training Methodology

Our research-based Continuous Training Methodology — Assess, Educate, Reinforce, Measure — is a cyclical approach that informs users about important best practices and teaches them to employ these practices when facing cybersecurity threats. Using our methodology in combination with our award-winning products, some customers have seen a marked reduction in susceptibility in as little as two months.

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Integrated Security Education Platform

Our easy-to-use, integrated Security Awareness Education Platform is a purpose-built learning management system (LMS) for security professionals. It allows you to easily and efficiently assess your users, provide in-depth, interactive training, and manage and monitor your program from a single interface. Security awareness content is available in 35+ languages.

Premium Services for Every Customer

From day one, we’re committed to providing a comprehensive, all-inclusive security awareness and training program that prioritizes customer success and needs. We understand that no two organizations are the same, which is why we provide you with a suite of premium services at no additional cost, from award-winning support and unlimited platform use to real-time reporting.

Premium Services

Customer Success Manager

Experts assist you every step of the way to maximize your investment in security awareness training.

Award-Winning Support

Dedicated, in-house support comes standard and at no additional cost.

Multinational Support

Important, consistent training for global organizations, translated and localized into 35+ languages.

Unlimited Platform Use

Schedule regular assessments and assign training without worrying about upcharges or usage limits.

Robust Reporting

Fast, responsive reporting with a modern UI makes it easy to track results, evaluate progress, and gauge ROI.

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