A Strategic Approach to Zero-Trust Security

The Spectra Alliance

A comprehensive, integrated security solution from CrowdStrike, Netskope, Okta and Proofpoint that improves your organisation’s security posture as you advance your digital transformation journey.

The Challenge of Zero Trust

As modern security organisations continue to make zero trust a core strategy, most find it increasingly difficult to do as they face expanding access needs and an increasing threat landscape. They struggle with which approach is right for them and where to start.


Remote Working and Business Continuity Solutions
  • Access: The modern workforce includes not only employees, but partners, contractors, vendors and more. And they all require access to restricted applications and sensitive data. But legacy and perimeter defenses are no longer enough.
  • Visibility: Today’s hybrid operating environments come with an increase in cloud use and remote access. This can create visibility challenges for your IT and security teams. And it makes threat and data protection, investigation and remediation more difficult.
  • Integration: Having siloed security solutions deployed in your IT and security stack can create a lot of challenges. They lack integrated cloud, endpoint, workload, data, and identity security.
  • Threats: The threat landscape is growing more sophisticated. Today’s attacks on identity and data call for advanced prevention and detection solutions to stay ahead.

An Integrated Solution

In partnership, Netskope, CrowdStrike, Okta and Proofpoint created the first integrated solution stack that helps you accelerate your journey to zero trust.

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The Spectra Alliance

The Spectra Alliance helps organisations accelerate their journeys to zero trust. Current Spectra Alliance members include:

  • CrowdStrike: Providing endpoint security, cloud security, security operations, threat intelligence, and identity threat protection.
  • Netskope: Providing web gateway, cloud access security broker, and zero trust.
  • Okta: Providing cloud workforce identity, cloud customer identity, access management, and adaptive multi-factor authentication.
  • Proofpoint: Providing email security, cloud access security broker, data loss prevention, and secure access service edge.