Do No Harm Also Applies To Patient Data

Protect your patient data with Proofpoint

It’s no surprise that cyber criminals are taking advantage of what’s going on in the world today. What’s worse, they’re preying on human vulnerability. And email is the key route they’re using to get into your healthcare organization. This is particularly concerning when it comes to protecting pediatric patients, since data breaches can have a long-lasting impact throughout the lives of young patients.

The big question: What does it cost to protect pediatric patient data?

Proofpoint gives your health institution the protection and visibility you need for your greatest cybersecurity risk—your people.. We provide the most effective solutions to protect your healthcare workers, whether they are targeted through email, the web, social media or cloud apps.

Proofpoint helps stop threats before they reach your institution

We safeguard data, prevent threats from reaching your clinical and support staff, and ultimately help you protect your patients from cyber attacks. Leading healthcare organizations of all sizes, including 4 of the 10 Best U.S. Children’s Hospitals, rely on Proofpoint to prevent, detect and respond to their most critical security issues before they cause lasting harm.

Ready to give Proofpoint a try?

Schedule a meeting today and let us show you why our people-centric approach to cybersecurity is changing the game in healthcare. We’ll help you:

  • Address healthcare’s most prevalent point of compromise: email-based attacks
  • Safeguard against digital fraud that attempts to impersonate the most attacked people in your organization
  • Prevent exfiltration and keep your patient data safe
  • Manage regulatory compliance standards while reducing complexity
  • Enable your clinical workers to recognize potential threats

Request a meeting today to see how we can deliver results for your organization like we have for thousands of other customers.

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